Earn MONEY from Freelancing in 2024 – Freelance Work for Beginners

Hi everyone, and welcome back to the channel. Last week, I made a video discussing how you can earn Rs. 50,000 per month from freelancing. In that video, I shared five freelancing methods and the rates I pay my team for those services. I received a prominent question in the comments section, asking how to find your first freelancing client as a beginner. Today, I want to address this question and explain the correct way to do cold emailing in three steps.

Step 1: Finding the Right Client Let’s consider an example. Suppose you’re a graphic designer specializing in designing thumbnails, and I’m a content creator who could potentially be your client. When pitching your services, there are four criteria to consider:

  1. Reach: Take into account the number of followers and subscribers on my social media accounts. Generally, creators start outsourcing work when they have around 30k to 40k subscribers.
  2. Growth: Visit socialblade.com to analyze the trend of my subscriber and view growth over the past month. You should aim to work with creators who are on a growth trajectory.
  3. Paying Capacity: Check the last ten videos for any brand links in the description. If there are sponsorships, it indicates the creator has the capacity to pay for services. Also, check if the creator is doing YouTube full-time or has a side job, as this affects their paying capacity.
  4. Need: Evaluate if there is a need for your services. If competitors have professionally designed thumbnails while mine lack professionalism, there is a gap that you can fulfill. Identifying this need increases your chances of getting hired.

Step 2: Emailing the Clients Now, let’s discuss how to find the email addresses of clients or creators. As a creator, my most important email is from brands collaborating with me. If you email me through the same channel, there’s a higher chance I’ll read your email. To find the email, check the “Show email” option at the bottom of the About section on YouTube. For Instagram creators, the email may be in their bio or accessible through a linktree.

When composing your email, remember that the subject line plays a crucial role in catching the recipient’s attention. Craft a subject line that sparks curiosity, increasing the likelihood of your email being opened. Keep the email short and include four key elements:

  1. Experience: Highlight any previous work or clients you’ve collaborated with.
  2. Commercials: Provide a rough estimate of your service charges.
  3. Sample Work: Attach samples of your work, specifically related to thumbnails in this case, to showcase your quality.
  4. Observation: Point out the difference between your competitor’s professionally designed thumbnails and mine, emphasizing the need for your services. This shows that you’ve conducted industry analysis.

Step 3: Converting the Client To increase your chances of converting the client, consider these tips:

  1. Take up small projects, even for a small amount, to build your portfolio and gain credibility for future clients.
  2. Edit a portion of the client’s video or improve their previous thumbnail as a sample of your work. This demonstrates your skills and dedication, making you more likely to be considered for hire. You could also offer to edit their first video for free if they sign a one-month contract.
  3. Follow up regularly by sending reminders every week. Staying at the top of their mind increases the likelihood of getting selected when they need freelancers.

These are the key points on how to get freelancing work as a beginner.

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