Top 10 YouTube Shorts Niches That GET MILLIONS of Views FAST!

After analyzing over 30 million videos with a total of 1.3 trillion views in the last 90 days, we’ve identified the top 10 YouTube shorts niches that are generating massive views and revenue for content creators. Whether you want to monetize your shorts, gain more subscribers, or simply stay updated on the latest trends in YouTube shorts, this information is for you. Let’s dive in:

1. Entertainment

Entertainment is the most popular niche for YouTube shorts, accounting for over 17% of all views in the last 90 days. Pranks, challenges, and oddly satisfying videos are particularly in demand. Oddly satisfying videos, in particular, work well because they have global appeal and can be understood without any spoken language, making them highly consumable worldwide.

2. Food

The food niche offers various subcategories like cooking tutorials, food reviews, and mukbangs. Content featuring chocolate, gummies, and meat-filled recipes tend to perform exceptionally well. Creators like Albert from “Albert Can Cook” leverage their niche by recreating popular dishes from restaurants, TV shows, and movies, making their content widely appealing and gaining significant traction.

3. Video Games

Video game content attracts viewers of all ages. Highlighting popular games or new releases is a quick way to generate views, given the existing interest in these games. Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto, and Fortnite are among the games that receive the most views on YouTube shorts.

4. Sports

Specific sports like fishing, basketball, martial arts, and football have dedicated audiences. However, it’s important to note that many of the top videos in this niche feature unoriginal copyrighted clips, which may not help with monetization. Creators like “AM Hoops” focus on turning NBA rumors and facts into original videos using fair use guidelines to combine their content with exciting sports clips.

5. Crafting

Crafting videos have gained over 16 billion views in the last 90 days. Skilled artists can find success in this niche as it offers a lower level of competition. Categories like drawing, woodworking, and paper art are particularly popular. Crafting videos are entertaining to watch, even for those who don’t plan to make the crafts themselves.

6. Family and Parenting

Family and parenting content has proven to be surprisingly popular on YouTube shorts. Videos related to marriage, weddings, childbirth, pregnancy, and fatherhood attract millions of views. Gender reveal videos, in particular, have gained tremendous attention.

7. Animal and Pet Videos

Everyone loves cute animal videos. Channels featuring funny pet moments, reaction videos, and skits with pets as the main characters perform well. These videos provide light-hearted and entertaining content that resonates with viewers.

8. Movies and Television

Movies and television-related content can be highly successful, especially when capitalizing on trends. For example, creating content around the release of popular shows or movies can lead to a surge in views. Netflix’s trending top 10 movies and shows can be a valuable resource for finding out what’s currently popular.

9. Science and Technology

Science experiments, robotics, and consumer electronics (especially smartphones and tablets) dominate the science and technology niche. Tech channels focusing on iPhone-related hacks, pranks, and challenges perform exceptionally well.

10. News

Short-form news content has gained significant popularity, with many people turning to social media platforms, including YouTube shorts, for their news consumption. Videos covering current events, politics, and trending news stories have been successful on YouTube shorts.

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